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I, Chloe Miller-Bess own Thanks for the Marmalade. By day I am an event coordinator, freelance writer and poet and by night I am a crime fighting ninja.

I’m…actually not a ninja but I am one of those creative people who just want to get paid for their art. So, if your organization is in need of a content, copy or technical writer please view my portfolio at:

Ok, enough self-advertising. I am simply a girl who spends her days doing yoga, writing, dreaming of pita with hummus and making the dreams of overwhelmed parents come true. Break out your virtual numchucks and join me on my journey to become a successful liver of life!

*Disclaimer:  By the way, I do realize how corny that last line was.


We’ve all had the angsty teenage blog, yes? Or the, ‘get me out of here I’m dying’ college blog? Well, TFTM is not angsty or depressing, it is a platform in which to share all of my recent life lessons and challenges.

TFTM is for women and men striving to build a spherical life; holistically and spiritually. I’m here to share my successes, setbacks and small pearls of wisdom. I’m here to give you tips for successfully sharing small living spaces, keeping hope alive while unemployed and becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be. If any of those apply to you, I am right there with ya!

Maintaining momentum while searching for work and peacefully sharing a home with multiple housemates are challenges I touch on but it is becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be that TFTM focuses heavily on. I have recently stopped wishing I could be someone I am not and started doing the things that would make me the person I wished to be. I asked myself, ‘what will make me happy?’ and I found that eating clean, becoming more active, practicing mindfulness, nurturing my creative self and living adventurously were things that would make me happy. TFTM is a map of my continual journey through the above, providing helpful tidbits along the way.

Quite simply, TFTM is a blog about me! A twenty-something pescetarian and college graduate navigating life post university while attempting to grow into a full fledged adult.







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