What Makes You Unique?

What Makes You Unique?

I have a tendency to look at other peoples lives, their accomplishments or who they appear to be and compare myself to them. We all do this, yes? As of late I’ve been working to remind myself that these comparisons are based on a surface deep perception that may have nothing to do with who the enviable person actually is.

I can become hyper focused on other people’s career paths, living spaces, relationships, and intelligence. If I feel they are excelling in a way that I am not then they must be more accomplished than I am. Not only is this thinking poisonous and invalid it also takes away from the areas that I am excelling in. For all I know other people may see me as a person to envy. It’s easy to discount your own awesomeness when you are so busy wishing you were like someone else. What are your enviable traits? What makes you unique?

I’m writing about this because discounting my greatness is something I struggle with. Something I know many do so when those doubtful moments happen (about five times a day for me) I’ll try this little exercise and you can do it too!

*It may feel kinda braggy at first but that’s only because you’re not used to unabashedly tooting your own horn.

What Makes you Unique Chloe?

  • I have beautiful dreads
  • I have beautiful almond shaped eyes
  • I have a gift for creative writing
  • I am a natural artist
  • I am a deeply conscious and mindful person
  • I am well spoken
  • I am intelligent
  • I am accomplished
  • I am slightly clairvoyant (no really I am)


I will admit that was really uncomfortable to do. I often shy away from self-promotion because I fear contradictions or rejection from others. However, I know the more I do it the more comfortable I will be with it.

If you decide to try this exercise let me know how it goes for you!








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