Soothe My Soul III. | 3 Meditations to Calm Your Spirit

Soothe My Soul III. | 3 Meditations to Calm Your Spirit


If you are currently freaking out or just plain anxious, you’ve come to the right place! The third installment of my soul soothing series is back with three meditations to calm your mind, body and spirit.

I don’t know about you but recently I’ve felt like the world is in a constant state of emergency and every day I find another issue to panic about. In addition to our current political and social climate we all must live our day to day lives which are stressful enough! As a temporarily unemployed, single young person crashing on her Mom’s couch I understand the struggle. So how do we handle all this shit?

I find meditation among many other cognitive practices to be very effective in times of high stress. The great thing about meditating is that it doesn’t have to be a big to do.  I usually light a few candles, cut the lights, put in my head phones and practice deep purposefully breathing. For an in-depth guided meditation check out three of my favorite below!



Fear and Anxiety “Turning Fear into Love” by Jason Stephenson (Great for those suffering from Race-based Trauma)


Positivity and Self-love “Authentic YOU | You are Magnificent” by Jason Stephenson


Deep Relaxation for sleep “Floating Among the Stars” by Jason Stephenson




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