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Soothe My Soul IV. | 3 Exercises to Slow Your Heart Rate

Soothe My Soul IV. | 3 Exercises to Slow Your Heart Rate March 8, 20172 Comments

When experiencing frequent anxiety it’s best to have a few tried and true techniques to go too. When you’re in full blown panic deep breathing may not cut it; an actionable solution to expel excess energy is what you need. Lucky for you part 4 of our soul soothing series is all about finding the right tools to immediately combat intense anxiety. Checkout three of my favorite exercises below! :

1. EFT

I first learned of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique from a therapist and have since found it incredibly helpful to reduce anxiety. EFT is similar to acupuncture; needles aren’t involved but the basic energy pathways are the same and can be performed through simple tapping of the skin. Studies have shown the repetitive tapping acts as a type of reprogramming of your circuitry targeting your Amygdala and Hippocampus (areas of your brain that tell you whether something is a threat or not). For a guided tutorial to tapping check out the video below:


2. Swaddling

If you think swaddling is only for babies think again! Babies respond well to being tightly wrapped in blankets because it gives them a sense of security and stability similar to the womb. Surprisingly adults respond the same. Swaddling is an effective tool for those who suffer from behavioral challenges as well as general anxiety.  Swaddling is my absolute favorite stress reliever when I’m experiencing intense panic or even when I simply need to ground myself. Swaddling is easiest when you have someone to wrap you up however you can swaddle yourself if need be. Click here for detailed instructions on how to swaddle someone and yourself.


3. Dried Herbs or Essential Oils

Everyone knows the smell of lavender is incredibly soothing but if you are not in possession of dried Lavender I find simply smelling a Chamomile tea bag does the trick. Sounds a bit odd but I have found the power of scent is one of the fastest acting anxiety reducers. Scents like Lavender and Chamomile can act as sedatives which are perfect for halting intense panic. I suggest carrying a little pouch of either or even something as simple as scented lotion or hand sanitizer. Whole Foods sells a Lavender hand sanitizer spray that does the trick every time!


I hope these heart rate slowing techniques work for you! As someone who battles intense anxiety I know how important it is to have a few go-tos to get through a rough moment. Try the three exercises above or create you own and share!


P.S. Happy International Women’s Day! Support your global girl gang!




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  1. Breathing is such a powerful way to reduce stress and heart rate. I find that if I am anxious, I breathe more shallowly. If I stop and take a deep breath in for the count of four and exhale for the count of four, repeating until I slow down, that helps. And lavender works for me….also!! Thanks for sharing, Chloe!

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