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I’m Officially Vegan…Now What?

I’m Officially Vegan…Now What? May 15, 2017Leave a comment

I’m officially vegan! Now that my journey has begun I find myself wondering, “Now what?” Becoming vegan has always seemed like this huge life change. This incredible thing that required much more dramatics than I’ve experienced. However, I’m learning there’s great freedom in making command decisions. Being vegan can mean whatever the hell I want it too. Now what? Now everything!

I’ve been skirting Veganism for about a year, seriously considering it for about six months, dicking around and not making a decision for three months and just last month decided it was time for a change. I decided to start off slow, gradually weaning myself off dairy and fish and then three weeks ago I woke up and felt like a vegan.

The transition has been fairly smooth. I’ve been a devout Pescatarian for almost ten years, prior to that I was a vegetarian for five years and a vegan for about three months. Attempting to become vegan my Sophomore year of high school didn’t work out and I have always regretted not sticking with it.

Now, at 26 I feel truly ready which has made all the difference; I’m not feeling the loss of foods I can’t eat or clothing I can’t wear. What are a few moments compared to your way of life? I’ve realized that food really isn’t all that important. Food is fuel and thats it. Food isn’t my legs or eyes, I’m not losing the ability to read or write or create art. I’m losing nothing and gaining everything.

I’ll speak more about the reasons behind my lifestyle change in another post but I wanted to give you all a quick update. I love sharing my life with you so I’m excited to take you along on this new journey of mine. Look out for my vegan recipes and adventures!




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