How to Make the Most of Your Mini Vacay

How to Make the Most of Your Mini Vacay July 21, 20172 Comments

My first trip to Baltimore was both enlivening and enlightening. This year I decided to spend my birthday weekend with my Dad who lives in the historical city; I hadn’t celebrated my birthday with him since I was kid. I was incredibly excited to get away but also to spend uninterrupted time with him; both counts made for an invigorating mini vacay.

This trip provided an insight into actual life in Baltimore which in turn taught me that while I’d love to live in D.C. the D.C. Baltimore area was not for me. However, I did learn the art of balancing sight seeing and relaxation in an incredibly short amount of time. How do you enjoy your time away from everyday life while making the most of your surroundings? Checkout my three tips below to find out!

Tip one: Listen to your body and take a nap girl! You will not enjoy your time away or have the energy to sight see when you’re half asleep and nauseous. I took a red eye to Baltimore and I was practically dizzy with exhaustion when I arrived. With only two days in the city  – including the one I flew in on – I decided time to recoup was not an option. Yeah, my body took care of that and demanded a nap. Make time to rest; it may seem like a waste when you’re on a crunch but you will thank yourself later!

Tip two: Prioritize the sights/Activities you’re most excited about. Ensure your time away is well spent by choosing two or three sights you’d most like to see or restaurants you’re dying to try. There were so many things I wanted to do and see while in Baltimore but I knew in reality I’d only be able to experience about a quarter of them. A visit to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. was at the top of my list, second came The Land of Kush, a vegan soul food spot and thirdly Baltimore’s National Aquarium. Prioritizing what’s most important will allow you more freedom when (yes, when!) things don’t go the way you hope.

Tip three: Avoid late nights. Hitting the hay at a reasonable time while on vacation is easier said than done but it is vital when traveling for three days or less. I found going back to my Airbnb an hour or so before bed not only gave me enough time to get my PJ’s on but also time to chill and watch a movie or simply enjoy sitting quietly. Retiring at a reasonable time will help you balance the excitement of your surroundings and the opportunity to just relax.

Quick getaways can be as rewarding and refreshing as an extended vacation with the right prep. Make sure you’re mini vacay is just that by reminding yourself that at the end of the day your only job is to enjoy yourself. With these tips you’ll be sure to do so.




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