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Two Day Birthday Getaway

Two Day Birthday Getaway July 21, 2017Leave a comment

If you read my previous post on mini getaway’s you’ll know I recently celebrated my birthday. Instead of doing something local with friends and possibly wasting time feeling weird about getting older I decided a change of scenery was in order. I love the east coast, specifically D.C. and my Dad lives in Baltimore so I thought lets kill two birds with one stone.

I hadn’t spent a birthday with my Dad since I was in elementary school which made this two day getaway even more exciting. My 9 -5 didn’t leave me with much time but Dad and I made the most of it and I left very happy with my time away. Checkout the highlights of my two day vacay!

What we Did:

Shopped on the Inner Harbor – The harbor was beautiful but I think it’s best experienced early in the day with plenty of time to explore – which we did not have.

Drove Through Fort Meade (my Dad’s army base) – I’d never been to the historic base and I was blown away by how green and beautiful it is.

Strolled Constitution Ave – I absolutely love D.C. so whenever I’m there I like to pretend I’m on way home from brunch er something.

Visited the National Museum of African American History and Culture – One of the most amazing museums I’ve visited. I highly recommend traveling across country just for the museum alone.


Where we Ate:

The Land of Kush – Both my Dad and I were excited to checkout the famed vegan Caribbean/soul food restaurant. I recommend the greens and coconut vegetable rice. Their Sorrel (West Indian iced tea) wasn’t half bad either

HipCityVeg – If anything go for the brownies, they rival non vegan pastries.

This two day getaway was just what I needed, although a few more days wouldn’t have hurt either. Spending more time in Baltimore and D.C. confirmed that I do not want to live in the former and must at all costs get myself to the latter. However, the most important takeaway was that nobody does vegan food like California.




















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