L.A. Travel Diaries | A Stroll Down Melrose

L.A. Travel Diaries | A Stroll Down Melrose August 10, 2017Leave a comment

One of the key aspects of living spherically is – well, living! This year my goal is to take advantage of my youth and health by taking risks and creating new experiences. New experiences like traveling more than once a year or once every two years! Last month, in the spirit of building a spherical life I decided to attend a mini family reunion in Los Angeles. Of course I returned refreshed, rejuvenated and thrilled that I committed to making the trip possible. My time away was very laid back without a strict itinerary, but our outing to Melrose was one of the most enjoyable.

Before my trip down south, when I thought of Melrose I thought of Melrose Place or the movie Clueless. I had no realistic idea what to expect other than a bunch of designer shops and snobby L.A. people. Well, obviously I was wrong as one typically is when they assume things – I found it to be a bit hipsterish with an artsy flare and overall just very exciting! Checkout what we got up to strolling Melrose!

What we Saw

Simply put – beautiful street art that turned me into a Sasha Fierce wannabe.







What we Did

Of course you can’t come to Melrose and not shop! We looked at quite a few places including the super cool and expansive consignment shop, American Vintage. We also stopped in a little boutique called Cosmo and Nathalia: Black that looked like it belonged to the love child of John Galliano and Beetlejuice. Very theatrical, very dark and very leathery so unfortunately it was a no go for me. However, I had quite a bit of luck at Cotton Candy LA and found a flowy floral two piece that made all of my dreams come true. Let’s just say I was vacation Chloe in that dress and taking risks was not a problem!

By chance we happened upon an Evan York popup gallery in town for the weekend. I highly suggest you guys check him out! Super nice guy, had the whole mysterious, graying artist vibe. If you’re like me and love quirky, otherworldly post-apocalyptic art than continue reading and click here for more!










Where we Ate

If you follow me on Instagram you should know I love smoothies and Acai bowls like no other so I was super stoked to check out what I assumed would be epic juice bars on Melrose. My mom and I grabbed a couple of bowls from Glow Bio while our cousins grabbed a few slices of pizza down the street. Luckily their meal was guaranteed to be good…mine was not. The customer service at Glow Bio was awesome, the homemade granola was some of the best I’ve had – the whole vibe was right up my alley. Plus there was a picture of Gigi Hadid er somebody drinking one of their juices so I figured I was in good hands. Um…no. I ordered the Beauty bowl with Acai, Bananas, and Almond Milk which was clearly the worst decision I made that day. There were no traces of Acai in the bowl only a goopy banana and almond milk puree topped with granola. I wouldn’t be surprised if either they forgot to add the Acai or were rationing it for winter. My mom ordered a bowl without nut milk which turned out to be a tart Acai slushy but preferable to my baby food. Now, I’m not saying Glow Bio is a bad smoothie and juice bar but perhaps they kill at everything else aside from their Acai Bowls.




Strolling Melrose was one of the most fun days I had in Los Angeles but I have so much more to share with you all! My trip to L.A. was not only rich with new experiences but also lessons learned. Stay tuned for my new L.A. diaries series as well as posts featuring priceless travel tips I learned while away!


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