How to Take Time for Yourself While Traveling with Others

How to Take Time for Yourself While Traveling with Others


Whether you’re traveling with family, friends or a group of strangers, private time for yourself is integral to the success of your trip. I learned this recently last month during my mini vacay with family in Los Angeles. If you’ve been keeping up with my new travel series you’ll know I had a fabulous time with my loved ones. However, I truly believe the only way I stayed sane (for the most part) was because I made sure to schedule time that was just for me.

You don’t want to feel like you’re at the mercy of your own vacation so make sure to plan a few solo activities or set aside a block of time everyday or every other day to simply enjoy your own company. Don’t know where to start? Check out my three tips below!


1. Plan an Early Solo Breakfast

Dining alone for one meal or even two is my preferred way to take time for myself when traveling with others. Savor simply being away by rising before your companions for a solo breakfast. This is a great time to meditate on your new surroundings and make plans for the day.

After checking into our beautiful Airbnb I knew I had to plan an early breakfast to myself in the gorgeous kitchen. I suggest planning the details ahead of time so you have something to look forward to; I started that day off with a slice of vegan coffee cake and the fresh mint tea below.



2. Make Time to Explore the Area Alone

Taking a short walk, quick drive to get supplies or simply familiarizing yourself with your new lodgings is a great way to grab a moment of solitude. During my stay I knew I wanted to explore the back yard and garden area of our rental so I made sure I set aside enough time after my solo breakfast to bond with my new environment. Also to score some bomb photos!



3. Schedule time for your hobbies

Lastly an efficient way to practice self care when traveling in a group is to make time for your hobbies. After a long day out and about take a  moment to do something grounding and routine; something that you do in your day to day.

One of our last days in L.A. was both physically and emotionally exhausting. However, what gave me a bit of a boost was my plan to unwind after dinner with my laptop and a vegan cupcake. Working on the blog while sipping some mint tea was just what I needed to regain the mini vacay excitement. My time alone didn’t last long but those few moments gave me the energy to spend more with others.




Traveling in a group large or small can either be the most fun you’ve ever had or the most stressful getaway you’ve ever experienced. My trip down south taught me that traveling with family is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. Quality time that should be reserved for once every two or three years. However, when that time comes I now know how to take care of myself without bloodshed! I hope you find these three travel tips helpful. Keeping tuning in for more tips and deets on my L.A. adventures!



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