Blogtober, It’s You and Me Bish

Blogtober, It’s You and Me Bish

So I’m writing my second post tonight for Blogtober, a post about getting out of ruts and becoming more sociable and I realize this is a post that deserves more thought and visibility. I can’t just toss it up on the blog like the finalists of cupcake wars toss their cupcakes on the displays barely iced. So what am I to do? I committed to Blogtober, – albeit on the fourth day – to posting new content everyday. So instead of stressing about finishing a longer post why not write a super short post? Super short post about how I didn’t really know what I signed up for when committing to this challenge. How going from posting sporadically once a month to everyday is just insane. Lastly how despite how difficult it may seem I intend to meet this challenge head on and have fun while doing it. It’s supposed to be a fun thing right? So, yeah I think that’s about it. Super short post and I’m counting it!



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