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Brunch at Pebbles Donut Farm #Blogtober

Brunch at Pebbles Donut Farm #Blogtober October 8, 2017Leave a comment

Donuts are the only non-vegan treats I miss, and when I say miss I mean deeply grieve. So, of course when a good friend of mine suggested brunch at the popular Oakland vegan restaurant, Pebbles Donut Farm, I immediately cleared my schedule. Yeah, that was the best decision I made that week!

I was never one for breakfast burritos but I took the risk and tried Donut Farms’ breakfast burrito with spicy “sausage.” I’d say the best part of the burrito was the sausage, beans and avocado. Grilled zucchini, potatoes and onions made up the rest but unfortunately were not very flavorful. However, if all breakfast burritos were made like this one I would definitely be one of those people who just went around eating them like they’re a perfectly normal breakfast item.


Let’s talk about the Chick’n and waffles my friend ordered because, um – HOLY SHIT! Yes, SHIT, no dollar signs and ampersands here today because those waffles deserve the full word! The Chick’n, my God was the closest Chicken sub I’ve ever tasted. I’m typically not super into substitute Chicken or meat (aside from Beyond Burger obviously) but I will eat the fried Chick’n at Donut Farm anytime! The mushroom gravy served with it was ridiculous! Honestly just give me the Chick’n and a bowl of the gravy for dipping and I’m good.


On to more important things- THE DONUTS! I hadn’t eaten donuts in ages, one because I was so busy trying eat clean and most recently because of my switch to Veganism. Sadly after say 9am the selection of flavors to choose from are quite slim. I was looking forward to having a glazed donut or maple bar but alas all of the classic donuts were out leaving a bunch of colorful cake donuts. Don’t get me wrong I love a good plain cake donut, in fact that’s my favorite but unfortunately the plain cake was a bit greasy for my taste. The Vanilla Coconut and Salted Caramel donuts were amazing! I’ll definitely try those again next time but make sure to arrive early enough to get that maple bar I’ve dreamt of for so long.


I highly suggest a trip to Pebbles Donut Farm. In fact I have three tips for your first visit: 1. Get there early to avoid the mob 2. Grab your donuts while waiting for your food and lastly 3. Make sure your phone is charged because you’ll want to document that shit. Yes, SHIT,  you’ll learn as well that no dollar signs are needed!





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