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How to Stay Inspired #Blogtober

How to Stay Inspired #Blogtober October 9, 2017Leave a comment

For some, finding inspiration can be quite simple but maintaining it is another matter entirely. Staying inspired is integral for everyone not just creatives; often times people think inspiration is for poets or actors but no matter your inclination staying inspired is a large part of your overall growth. Inspiration gives us the passion to create, to develop vision and dream fearlessly. We all need inspiration but to continue the journey we all need a little help as well.

Like everyone I struggle with maintaining inspiration. The Blogtober challenge has been difficult but it’s a challenge that has inspired a new direction for TFTM and inspired me to become the blogger I want to be. When I’m inspired and motivated I can do anything yet that feeling can be fleeting. When you’re feeling similarly, give my five ways to stay inspired below a go.

1. Create a Pinterest dream board. Not everyone is about that ‘magazine party’ life so Pinterest is a great way to visually map what you want your future to look like. You can create a board for what you want your future apartment to look like, what you envision your work life to be or the kind of cook you want to become. The best part of using Pinterest in this way is the accessibility, whenever you need a boost of inspiration or motivation simply whip out your phone. Checkout a couple of my Pinterest dream boards and get some ideas for your own:

2. Subscribe to inspirational Podcasts. Six months ago when I was unemployed I obsessively listened to podcasts. Every morning I got up, put on my running shoes and a new episode of GIRLBOSS RADIO. This was a successful method of staying hopeful not only about what the future may bring but also what I could make it.  Listening to success stories about people who were once like you is a great way to not only learn but also to open your mind to things you didn’t know were possible for you.

3. Read. Reading in general is incredibly beneficial but you may try motivational guides or craft books like “Real Artists Have Day Jobs” or “You Are a Badass.”  Introspection can get you far but sometimes it takes some one else’s perspective to completely change your mindset.

4. Regularly go out of your way to try new things.  We’re all about maintaining an inspired state of mind right? Every couple of weeks or once a month do something exciting, something outside of your comfort zone. We all need to feel alive, to be reminded that we can have more than the life we’re currently living.

5. Follow inspirational media influencers. Who do you admire? Who has…that you want? Following influencers that you admire is a great way to get an in depth look at how you can change your life and stay inspired to get there. For example I absolutely love Kayln Nicholson, her Youtube channel is all about how to make your dreams come true, adulting, career advancement, and life organization. I admire the way she lives the life she never thought she could and I know I can too thanks to the transparent way she shares what she’s learned.

So that’s it my lovelies! I hope you enjoyed my five tips for gaining and maintaining inspiration.What inspires you? What do you do to build vision? Leave some tips of your own!


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