Six of My Favorite Fall Shows #Blogtober

Six of My Favorite Fall Shows #Blogtober October 10, 2017Leave a comment

Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year; I love the changing leaves, fall fashions, Pumpkin…anything really (except pie, can’t stand the stuff), and of course all my favorite shows coming back!

In recent years we’ve seen quite a turn in television. Quality T.V. today is more valuable than a good film; which is unfortunate for t.v. addicts like me who are prone to dropping everything to make it home for that extended season premiere! Hopefully I’ll be able to cut back this year but in the mean time I will definitely be keeping up with six of my fall favs below:


1. Outlander

Droughtlander is over! Our beloved red-headed scotsman and his sassenach are re-united at last. Of course after five episodes of back story we finally make it to the first meeting only to wait TWO WEEKS to see what they’ll say to each other in the next episode!


2. Mr. Robot

After over a year F-Society is back! Now we can finally find out what the hell is going on with Tyrell. How the hell do he and Angela know each other?! Don’t get me get started on the Dark Army. God I love this show you guys but I have to admit it brings out the conspiracy theorist in me. I mean we’re all pawns in a much bigger game right? What power do we actually have?!


3. Gotham

We’re finally seeing more of the physical evolution of the Bat Man in this season, we got a Bat suit guys! Honestly who doesn’t just watch the show for Penguin’s ingenious sass, Tabitha shooting…whatever and Barbara Kean’s style?


4. Grey’s Anatomy

Ride or die Grey’s fan over here! Much to my glee they have continued to renew this show likes it’s General Hospital or The Young and the Restless er something. In it’s 14th season Grey’s Anatomy is not slowing down or pulling any punches. Can we say good riddance to Grandpa Avery? Any Japril fans holding out hope?


5. The Flash

So the last season of The Flash ended on yet another cliff hanger and finally viewers were put out of their misery with the return this week. I fought against this show for so long until I gave in and now my life is better for it! Speed force Barry is brought back to reality in time to fight some robot villains because normal living villains are just dumb. Excited to see how newly freed Barry will differ from the angsty Barry of last season.


6. The Shannara Chronicles

I had given up hope. Grieved the loss. Said my goodbyes and moved on but low and behold Shannara Chronicles will return tomorrow! Our favorite blond half elf half human is back to save the day but what’s up with Amberle sticking to this whole ‘I’m the seed and I’m gonna be a tree now’ thing. I mean enough is enough!


What are you favorite shows that have returned this fall? Don’t make any suggestions though or I may be forced to drop everything and watch them.


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