Circle Time | A bit About Me #Blogtober

Circle Time | A bit About Me                                  #Blogtober

I’m back! It’s been a few days…or more since my last Blogtober post and while I’m disappointed I didn’t keep up I know it couldn’t be helped, so here’s to moving forward!

I thought it’d be fun to get to know each other a bit more and share some details about what makes me, well me. A little circle time if you will.  A Q & A rundown of everything you should know about moi:


1. How long have I been blogging

On and off for about 15 years. I started blogging on Diaryland and Livejournal but recently moved from Blogger to WordPress. As a serious blogger I’d say three years.

2. How old is Thanks for the Marmalade

Two years, it’s gone by so fast!

3. How did I decide on the title of my blog

I was considering, “Thanks for the Memories” but knew that was probably already taken and just overused in general. However I couldn’t let it go so I thought ‘how can I make that phrase unique and catchy?’ That’s when I added ‘Marmalade.’

4. What’s this about a line of T-shirts for TFTM

T-shirts, sweat shirts, totes, and phone cases featuring quotes I post on Instagram are coming soon! I made an announcement on Instagram about the official TFTM shop opening soon but we’ve hit a few snafu’s that have delayed the launch. However, I’m working on resolving those issues and foresee the shop up and running by the first couple weeks of November. Stay tuned and follow my social media channels for live updates!

5. Other than the apparel line what other projects are in the works

I’m working on a motivational pocket book for millennials featuring inspirational quotes I’ve posted, healthy eating habits, words of wisdom and general pops of positivity. I’d love to create a TFTM agenda book for creatives in the near future as well.

6. Hobbies other than blogging

I love writing poetry, knitting when the weather changes (should I do a post on that?), and making door wreaths during the holiday season. I kinda count Instagram as a hobby since I hangout there like it’s my job!

6. Where did I grow up

I lived in San Francisco and Oakland until I was in Junior High then relocated to a small suburban town in the Bay.

7. Siblings

Nope, just me.

8. Where did I go to College

I graduated from Dominican University of California (GO PENGUINS) with a B.A. in English with a Writing Emphasis.

9. What do I do for money

I’ve been blessed enough to finally do something that I actually went to school for. I’m a contractor currently consulting on a few content quality review projects at a tech company in the North Bay. I basically review online content for user accuracy and implement new style standard changes.


10. If I didn’t need money I would…

Devote all of my time to building the TFTM brand and writing my motivational pocket book. Just basically be my artist self and live in a forest house somewhere.

11. Single? Dating? Married? It’s complicated?

Single as a plastic carnival rose.

12. I had my first kiss when I was…

22. Late bloomer!

13. Charlotte or Miranda

Charlotte all day!

14. Favorite movie

“What Dreams May Come.”

15. Favorite guilty pleasure movie

Burlesque. So bad yet so good!

15. All time favorite song

“Lush Life” by John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.

16. Favorite food

Ethiopian red lentils.

17. Favorite place I’ve traveled too

San Sebastian, Spain.


18. Favorite show of all the millions of shows I watch

Tie between Mr. Robot and Outlander.

19. Do I have tattoos

Yes! I just got my first ever last Saturday – a tribute for my deceased grandpa. A post on that soon to come!

20. The last song I listened to on Spotify

“LOVE” FEAT. ZACARI by Kendrick Lamar. My jam of jams…this week.

21. My advice for new bloggers just starting out

Build a good foundation of content before going live. Define your niche, purpose and goal. My mistake was simply creating a site without content or direction. Create a schedule that’s manageable for you and then adjust, don’t try to compete or keep up with more experienced bloggers. Do you, love!

That’s it my lovelies! Stay tuned for more Blogtober posts and bring some snacks to our next circle time! Been really into vegetable chips lately…



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