5 Tips for Drinking Water Like a Boss #Blogtober

5 Tips for Drinking Water Like a Boss       #Blogtober

There are two kinds of people in the world, people who like drinking water and people who don’t. Unfortunately we all need to be the former or at least suck it up (see what I did there?) and find ways to enjoy it because hun, the body is 70% water. 70 percent! Treating your body like the precious vessel it is, is apart of the journey to building a spherical life so crack open that Aquafina and get down to business!

I used to be a water drinking queen, very rarely drank anything else and for a while staying away from sodas and juices kept me hydrated. The thing is while you’re saying no to your fave Thai iced tea you still need to…drink water. Yeah the last month or so I have barely drank water and unfortunately faced the consequences last weekend with some tummy troubles that ended with a trip to the hospital. SO! I am here to share some tips I’ve discovered while getting myself in gear and back to drinking water like a boss:

1.  Invest in a large reusable water bottle. Increasing my water intake means I need to have water with me right? Carrying a glass or BPA free plastic water bottle is the easiest way to always have access to water. I have a huge 62 oz. Cool Gear water bottle I fill up in the morning and carry with me everywhere. I love using reusable bottles because it takes the effort out of remembering to stay hydrated throughout the day. It also saves money and is better for the environment so it’s a win win in my book.

2. Add fruit to your water. No, this is not a hipster spa thing, it actually works! Nothing is more refreshing and energizing than a cold jug of lemon water. Adding slices of lemon or strawberries to your water not only adds a lovely flavor to plain H2O but it’s also incredibly beneficial to kidney and digestive health. worried about wasting fruit? Eat it when you’re done!

3. Create a daily schedule for your water drinking goals. I had a friend who used to write down how much water he needed to drink between a certain time frame. 9:00 am – 10:00 am = 2 glasses etc. He stayed on track by also writing his time table directly onto his thermos like a beaker. I’ve never tried this but I think it’s an excellent fall back if the fresh fruit isn’t cutting it.

4. Add drinking one glass of water to your morning routine. Immediately drinking one or two glasses of water upon waking is a great way to get in your minimum intake. Drinking water before coffee or breakfast also jumpstarts your digestion and metabolism so they’re ready to process more complex substances. Just like breakfast is literally ‘breaking your fast’ we must drink water to ‘break the dehydration.’ Always room temp though, don’t wanna shock your body.

5. Create reminder alerts. If you wanna get real thorough and hard core create alerts for yourself. Easily create reminder alarms on your phone or hourly alerts that pop up on your laptop telling you to drink water. Sticky note reminders work just as well. I’ve considered journaling my water intake at the end of the day to review how much water I’ve drunk but that may be Chloe going a bit OCD…

Alright my lovelies those are my five tips for drinking water like the boss you are. The majority have worked for me so far me but let me know if you try any and how they work for you. Or leave some suggestions of your own!



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