Blogtober’s Over…Now What?

Blogtober’s Over…Now What?

So, Blogtober is WAY over and I have to say I am quite proud of myself! I didn’t consistently upload a new post everyday but I decided for my first blog challenge I would make it whatever I wanted it to be. For me Blogtober was a way to shake things up and create a new normal of posting quality content with quick turnover.

If you read my 5 Ways to Break Out of That Rut You’re Chillin’ in post you’ll know that deadline driven challenges are effective for reminding yourself of what you’re capable of. My goal for October was to shift the direction of TFTM, making it the blog I’ve always imagined it could be. In short Blogtober was a challenge to renew my excitement for blogging and inspire me to become the blogger I dream of being.

So what’s next? Writing almost everyday opened up the channel and a shit ton of ideas poured out! I have so much to share with you guys but another challenge of mine is balance. Balancing writing, working, social media management, TFTM business planning, frankly being lazy and watching WAY too many shows. I’m considering taking a break from T.V., which we all know will be like losing a limb (no disrespect to amputee victims!) but it may have to be done. I need to get out of my own way to truly see what I can do.

How was your Blogtober experience? Was this your first time or are you an old pro? Any tips or tricks for consistency during blogging challenges or just plain everyday? Lets chat!



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