Three Tips For Becoming Festive AF!

Three Tips For Becoming Festive AF!

Christmas is almost here my lovelies, who’s ready? Yeeaaah, I’m not –  in fact I haven’t been for the past couple months and only recently started to get those warm fuzzy holiday feels. So much wrapping to do guys and more to the point up until this past week I was like cue Big Sean cuz, ‘Christmas, I don’t give a F$#* about you!’ Obviously that was a problem, luckily one quickly rectified by a heart to heart slash emotional breakdown with a loved one. My lack of holiday cheer was rooted in deeper Chloe issues but hopefully yours are not because I have a few simple tips to get you ready for all things Christmas – which is literally FOUR DAYS AWAY! Checkout my three tips below to get that xmas glow!

1. Volunteer. Most people don’t jump for joy at the opportunity to volunteer during the holidays but the bonus to serving those in need is that it’s as beneficial to them as it is to you. Whether you’re feeding the homeless, decorating a shelter, or participating in a gift drive the happiness you bring to others is transferable. Also there’s nothing like volunteer work to shock you into gratitude!

2. Get fancy with your wrapping. If you’re anything like me you will procrastinate wrapping until two days before Christmas. You’re the no frills, bare minimum, target wrapping paper kinda gal who may throw on a festive name tag if inspired – otherwise it’s Sharpie all the way. Yeah, that’s not gonna warm your heart this season. Get excited for gift giving and annoying family members by getting straight crafty with your wrapping! Head to your local craft store – which should be exploding with everything Christmas right now – and go crazy!

3. Breakout your old family recipes or try new ones. If the nostalgia of simpler times when we were knee high and drowning in our Grandmother’s apron doesn’t give you a tiny spark of holiday cheer, I don’t know what to tell ya love. Go back to your old family recipes,  the famous fruit pies you make every year or even try new recipes to find inspiration and get that Christmas glow! I’m super excited to try new vegan desert recipes this year. When I was younger I religiously made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning and in my adult years my famous chocolate chip cookies for desert in the evening. Anyone have any go-to bomb vegan cookie recipes?

I hope these three tips will uplift you and send you on your way to being festive AF or just plain festive this year! How do you get ready for the holidays? Any tips to inspire those warm fuzzies? Interesting Christmas traditions? Leave me some below!

Happy Holidays!



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