Why I Never Make New Year’s Resolutions

Why I Never Make New Year’s Resolutions


Happy New Year my lovelies! The second week of the new year has officially begun so lets talk about those New years resolutions! I know you have ’em! Setting resolutions for the new year can be incredibly exciting, liberating and invigorating – a fresh start. Fresh starts are key to the journey of building a spherical life – here’s the kicker though…every moment is a fresh start! The ten seconds that turn December 31st to January 1st is such a moment, so why set resolutions?

Once upon a time I made new year’s resolutions, I’d write them down even and strategized on how to achieve and maintain them. The typical generic predictions of losing weight, finding love, eating less sugar etc. and I would kick ass for a few months, maybe even fulfill one of them but I wouldn’t realize until later why I was never entirely successful. Setting those resolutions for me were all about doing, taking action, or fixing things instead of reassessing what’s important to me and focusing on building a life that reflects that.

The last few years I’ve done away with new years resolutions and used the new year as a time to refresh my goals, a check point if you will instead of a time to reset the clock. Ideally the focus is building the life I always wanted now. Becoming the person I admire and starting fresh whenever need be. Doing away with those yearly resolutions takes the pressure off and when replaced with alternative methods one is much more successful seeing their life change for the better.

Setting intentions instead of resolutions is one such alternative; you can do this at the start of the new year, new week or day. Spherical living starts from within, setting intentions brings the focus to how you plan to build a greater more evolved self. This year you may intend to cherish your body and treat it with the respect it deserves; quitting smoking, drinking less or revamping your diet may fall under that intention. When you focus on being and becoming as opposed to doing you will see greater long lasting progress in multiple areas.

Check out some of my personal intentions for the new year:

1. I intend to follow gratitude before stress

2. I intend to cling to light above all things

3. I intend to shine among others without fear or hesitancy

If setting intentions isn’t your thing you may try creating seasonal bucket lists. This is a great way to refresh your goals throughout the year and break out of any ruts you may be stuck in. I like creating seasonal bucket lists because it forces me to think critically about what I’m doing to ensure my success. If I want to be more intellectually savvy I know I need to read more so I may create a reading list that I can easily check off as opposed to just resolving to ‘read more books.’ Now this is all easier said than done, and I continually struggle with completing my bucket lists or even mindfully crafting them but both alternatives I’ve mentioned I believe will bring us both closer to a spherical life!


Make any new year’s resolutions this year? Thoughts on them in general, for or against them? Any experience setting intentions? Leave me some below and lets chat!



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